Don't Tread On Me Gadsden Flag Spray Paint Stencil


"Don't Tread On Me", a badass motto for the Continental Marines fighting the British during the Revolutionary War. Little did Christopher Gadsden know, this credo would endure for the next 243 years as a symbol for libertarian, leave-me-the-fuck-alone, American values. We live, breathe, and want to spread this "sickness" known as freedom: Live Free or Fucking Die. Spray it proud.

  • Tag the Gadsden Flag everywhere
  • Actual photo of a real life stencil that was sprayed by a regular person.
  • Oil board...good for a ton o' sprays.
  • Sprayed Measurements: Large 8"x8"  Small 3.25"x3.25"  Micro1.5"x1.5"