Fuck Cancer Spray Paint Stencil


Cancer is unfortunately the perfect politically correct, morale idea- It does not discriminate: Black, white, old, young, healthy, fat, strong, weak, gay, straight, it fucks everyone equally. Show support for these friends, coworkers, brothers, aunts, and random strangers who are locked in a death match with this ugly beast. Join us in saying FUCK CANCER.

  • All proceeds from this stencil will go to Kyle at BMC Tactical who is in a fight for his life
  • You can also show support with a FUCK CANCER Morale Patch from Violent Little Machine Shop and BMC Tactical.
  • Oil board...good for a ton o' sprays.
  • Sprayed Measurements: Large 10"x5.5"  Small 4"x2.5"  Micro 1.5"x1.5"