Thanks for the F Shack The Other Guys Spray Paint Stencil


Whenever we see a Prius unattended, we have an orgy in it... Honestly not much else those things are good for EXCEPT rear ending me last June, totaling my RAM 1500, giving me wicked whiplash, a bad concussion, and making me sit in my house with my eyes covered (and not in an orgy way) all summer. So join me, and Dirty Mike & The Boys: desecrate a Prius, use it for the only thing it's good for- a filthy fucking fuck shack. 

  • Actual photo of a real life stencil sprayed by Another Guy
  • Oil board...good for a ton o' sprays.
  • Sprayed Measurements: Large 10"x7.5", Small 4"x3.5"